Angela Noble - Belly Dancing Teacher & Founder of Tribe Zuza

Meet Angela Noble


Tribal Belly Dance is a comparatively modern format which draws strongly from Middle Eastern Dance, with stylistic influences from East India, North Africa, Flamenco dance and contemporary dance. It is a multicultural world fusion of dances, inspired by the traditional and folkloric styles of the East. It‘s presentation is an exciting blend of world music, elaborate ethnic costuming and artistic skill. Tribe Zuza acknowledge and celebrate the cultures they are inspired by, working with specialist teachers, considerately incorporating what they learn into a contemporary experience.

American Tribal Style (ATS®) was created by Carolena Nericcio and it has evolved to become popular across the world. Dancers work together, using visual cues, allowing them to dance in the moment. This communication and connection is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the dance, to watch and be part of. 

Tribe Zuza is a Sister Studio to Fat Chance Belly Dance®. Angela has travelled to the USA to train and is a qualified ATS® teacher. ATS® is Tribe Zuza’s main focus, but we also blend in diverse influences; from other Middle Eastern and North African styles as well as Classical Indian, Rajasthani Folk, Tribal Fusion and other contemporary dance styles.

Angela began RAD ballet at age 5 and continued exploring many other styles over the years. A conversation in an Egyptian dance class sparked interest in discovering more about Tribal and there followed a journey into training in both Domba and Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance®, which she is also qualified to teach. Tribe Zuza was started in 2005 and has blossomed into a business arranging events and retreats as well as designing and retailing costuming. 

Angela is also a qualified yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and Inner Dance facilitator as well as a long time tutor of C&G Textile’s courses. Husband Mark, a retired Travel and Tourism lecturer and Reflexologist has also joined the team. All of these things combine beautifully in the world of Tribe Zuza.