NADA Magazine

I look forward to my NADA magazine dropping through my door, along with the ATS magazine these are the only 2 real non digital publications I get regularly these days preferring instead the digital option. My theory is the virtual ones take less space to store and are generally less expensive. However you can't beat sinking into a warm bath with a new magazine, turning the pages taking in all the glossy loveliness of the photographs and there is something about the smell of shiny paper(or is that just me?)

I was happy to be invited as a regular Tribal voice in the NADA (National Arabic Dance Association) magazine a while ago. I have had two articles included so far and mulling around with ideas for the next one. In this current issue the article is entitled 'The Power of 5' and is a brief look at the hamsa, a symbol which has long fascinated me.

It is certainly worth looking at becoming a NADA member for a host of reasons. See their website for more information: They are also on Facebook.

Emma George